McCutchen Family – Day in the Life Session

I got to spend 12 hours with this wonderful family! Edward is a sweet little boy who loves art, his puppy Nicholas, and jumping in mud puddles. I had SO much fun experiencing a typical Saturday in the life of his family!

McCutchen DITL-53

McCutchen DITL-95

McCutchen DITL-106

McCutchen DITL-122

McCutchen DITL-156

McCutchen DITL-188

McCutchen DITL-207

McCutchen DITL-213

McCutchen DITL-226

McCutchen DITL-280

McCutchen DITL-324

McCutchen DITL-343

McCutchen DITL-351

McCutchen DITL-386

McCutchen DITL-409

McCutchen DITL-416

McCutchen DITL-431

McCutchen DITL-439

McCutchen DITL-452

McCutchen DITL-465

McCutchen DITL-493

McCutchen DITL-499

McCutchen DITL-512

McCutchen DITL-553

McCutchen DITL-566

McCutchen DITL-674

McCutchen DITL-688

McCutchen DITL-734


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