Beauty Revived | Meet Lissette

The Beauty Revived magazine featuring 50 Beautiful Mothers is out!! You can learn more about it and purchase it here.
I am so honored to be one of the 50 photographers featured in the magazine! I photographed my friend Lissette with her daughter. Here is her story, with some of the pictures!


Lissette Barril was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and moved to Texas in 1995. She joined the United States Air Force when she was eighteen. “When September 11th happened,” Lissette recalls, “I made up my mind then and there that I was going to serve my country.”

Lissette worked in an Aircraft Maintenance squadron, where she directly aided the command section. She also worked with Boeing to assist with the aircraft maintenance software with the F-15E and F-15C fighter jets. “My proudest moment was when I was lauded by Boeing for being an extraordinary airman. I transitioned all software for 850 personnel within two weeks.”

After Lissette left the military, she had a beautiful daughter, Tatiana. Then she began to experience the struggles of transitioning to civilian life. “I got married and ended up in a physically abusive relationship and became homeless and an alcoholic.” She found herself living out of her car with her daughter. Tatiana became her inspiration to keep moving forward and pursue a better life for them both. Lissette recovered from alcoholism and always made time to volunteer for veterans’ organizations. “I fought through all the adversity and finally moved into a nice townhome and started going to school.”

Lissette is now a full-time student, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology. “I want to eventually find alternative treatments for vets, other than medication.”

Her passion for improving the lives of veterans is a major part of her life. “I try to help out as much as I can. If there are opportunities to do something that will directly impact a veteran’s life, I am down for it.” Lissette is an events coordinator for Twenty-Two Until None, a non-profit organization that aims to end veteran suicide one step at a time. An average of twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. This group supports struggling veterans by offering emergency financial assistance, VA benefits help, advocacy, wellness services, camaraderie, and a 24/7 crisis hotline. “The reason I stand for the 22 is because I don’t want any other veterans, especially females, to go through the same horrible transitioning experience that I went through. My oath did not end when the uniform came off. I will continue to strive to help veterans each and every day, in any way I can.” She has found joy in working with veterans and has made many great friends along the way.  “I love coordinating events that bring veterans together. It brings the sense of camaraderie that we used to have in the service.”

When Lissette is not studying or advocating for veterans, she spends her time with her daughter, who is now six years old. “My daughter is a firecracker who loves to have adventures. She zip-lined at the age of three and still looks for more thrills. She takes gymnastics and is very good at it.” Lissette hopes that Tatiana will fulfill her dreams, no matter what they are. “Happiness comes from moments and doing what you love to do. I will be there for most of those moments.”



50 Most Beautiful Moms

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SO excited to announce that I have been chosen to be one of 50 photographers for the 2016 Beauty Revived Beautiful Mothers campaign! One deserving mom will receive a free session from me and will be featured in the Mother’s Day issue of the Beauty Revived magazine.
I am passionate about showing the REAL beauty in people, and now I need your help! Do you know an amazing, beautiful mom who deserves to be celebrated? Nominate her by telling her story here.
Go to to learn more about this great organization!

Melissa + Jack | Houston Engagement Session

I don’t usually do this type of photography anymore (because posing people is SO awkward!), but Melissa is my cousin and one of my favorite people in the whole world. We had a lot of fun and went all around Houston for half a day. Are they not the most beautiful couple you’ve ever seen?! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Locations: Spring Creek Park, Anvil Bar and Refuge, Waterwall Park, and Buffalo Bayou Park
Melissa’s Hair and Makeup: Krystal Soliz at Brush & Blush Blow Dry Bar

Houston engagement
spring texas engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement Anvil
Houston Engagement Anvil
Houston Engagement Waterwall
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement

The S Family – Day-in-the-Life Documentary Session

In addition to sharing a session that I am extremely proud of, I am making an announcement in this post. At the end of last year, my eyes were open to a type of photography that I didn’t know I could get in to, but have since realized is exactly where I need to be. Capturing unscripted, genuine moments is what I live for while shooting, and I am now focusing my whole business around this type of session! christina hardcastle photography will now be centered around documentary family and wedding photography, with a heavy emphasis on letting life happen and capturing REAL moments. My first day-in-the-life session was an amazing 8 hours documenting the S family’s life as it is at this time. Kids grow fast, and this is a wonderful way to immortalize how it felt when they were this age, when they lived in this house, when the oldest loved pizza and blocks and being thrown in the air. THIS is the side of families I want to show. I hope you enjoy!

S DITL-100
S DITL-128
S DITL-137
S DITL-140
S DITL-142
S DITL-154
S DITL-157
S DITL-204
S DITL-208
S DITL-218
S DITL-224
S DITL-252
S DITL-259
S DITL-264
S DITL-265
S DITL-268
S DITL-309
S DITL-308
S DITL-314
S DITL-320
S DITL-321
S DITL-327
S DITL-340

Adopt A Senior Pet Month (tribute to Kimmy)

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! So it was fitting that my foster girl Kimmy got adopted last week 🙂 She’s probably at least 10 years old, and blind, and the sweetest thing ever. I’m so glad she has a warm lap to curl up on. Her new family is already spoiling her so much!

These are some pictures I took while I fostered her.

If you’re interested in adopting a senior pet this month, check out Petfinder’s site here! Kimmy was adopted through Save a Cat Rescue in Houston.