Melissa + Jack | Houston Engagement Session

I don’t usually do this type of photography anymore (because posing people is SO awkward!), but Melissa is my cousin and one of my favorite people in the whole world. We had a lot of fun and went all around Houston for half a day. Are they not the most beautiful couple you’ve ever seen?! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Locations: Spring Creek Park, Anvil Bar and Refuge, Waterwall Park, and Buffalo Bayou Park
Melissa’s Hair and Makeup: Krystal Soliz at Brush & Blush Blow Dry Bar

Houston engagement
spring texas engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement Anvil
Houston Engagement Anvil
Houston Engagement Waterwall
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement
Houston Engagement


The S Family – Day-in-the-Life Documentary Session

In addition to sharing a session that I am extremely proud of, I am making an announcement in this post. At the end of last year, my eyes were open to a type of photography that I didn’t know I could get in to, but have since realized is exactly where I need to be. Capturing unscripted, genuine moments is what I live for while shooting, and I am now focusing my whole business around this type of session! christina hardcastle photography will now be centered around documentary family and wedding photography, with a heavy emphasis on letting life happen and capturing REAL moments. My first day-in-the-life session was an amazing 8 hours documenting the S family’s life as it is at this time. Kids grow fast, and this is a wonderful way to immortalize how it felt when they were this age, when they lived in this house, when the oldest loved pizza and blocks and being thrown in the air. THIS is the side of families I want to show. I hope you enjoy!

S DITL-100
S DITL-128
S DITL-137
S DITL-140
S DITL-142
S DITL-154
S DITL-157
S DITL-204
S DITL-208
S DITL-218
S DITL-224
S DITL-252
S DITL-259
S DITL-264
S DITL-265
S DITL-268
S DITL-309
S DITL-308
S DITL-314
S DITL-320
S DITL-321
S DITL-327
S DITL-340

Lydia – Lifestyle Newborn Session

My first newborn session ended up very different from the vision I had in my head. Turns out, I’m not the type of photographer to put a baby in a basket and fold it into crazy poses. I was drawn more to the details, expressions, and quiet moments between baby and parents.
This is Lydia. She was awake and calm the whole time, and I could have watched her all day. Just so fascinating. I had a wonderful afternoon with her and her family!

Happy New Year

Well, 2014 has been absolutely amazing for me. I started my business, started volunteering my time and talents to Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue, became a member of an amazing organization called HeartsSpeak, saw one of my photographs in print, worked with some amazing kids and their families, shot my first wedding, and photographed my first newborn. I wrote down some goals a year ago, and I have accomplished almost all of them! I learned so much, and recently realized what direction I want my photography to go. 2015 will bring some changes and hopefully more exciting things!
Thanks so much to everyone who supports me and believes in me. Happy New Year!! My wish for you is to live fully; see all the places, meet all the people, try all the things, and do what you LOVE because that is where you find happiness 🙂

Christina Hardcastle^^And look at this sweet picture my husband took of me on Christmas day!! So proud 🙂


christina hardcastle photography

Isabelle’s Frozen Birthday

Isabelle’s 3rd birthday was packed with fun activities. She was a playful princess in her bounce castle, there were more cupcakes than anyone could eat, and the party ended with a Piñata full of candy! Anna and Elsa even came all the way from Arendelle to help celebrate!

In case you were wondering, yes, I had ‘Let it Go’ stuck in my head the entire time I was editing 🙂

Jenna + Alex | College Station Wedding

I had such a fun day photographing Jenna and Alex’s wedding in at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in College Station! The love of their family and friends was so apparent; everyone helped out to make sure everything was perfect and went smoothly. The day was full of special moments, from the excitement of getting ready, to the quiet moments before the ceremony, to the first kiss, to the best man’s speech delivered from Kuwait, ending with the super romantic last dance. My best wishes go out to you two… never forget all the love you have around you, and may you have a long, happy, blessed life together!

Shiner Catholic Church Picnic

If you’ve heard of Shiner at all, you’ve probably heard of the beer. Well, there was plenty of that at the annual church picnic on Memorial Day weekend. The little town in Texas was busy with food, music, and laughter, and everyone had a great time.

shiner picnic
shiner dancing
shiner kid
shiner kid dancing
shiner hobo band
shiner hobo band

The Shiner Hobo Band, in my opinion, is the best polka band of all time. They like to polka almost as much as they like to drink Shiner beer.