Happy New Year

Well, 2014 has been absolutely amazing for me. I started my business, started volunteering my time and talents to Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue, became a member of an amazing organization called HeartsSpeak, saw one of my photographs in print, worked with some amazing kids and their families, shot my first wedding, and photographed my first newborn. I wrote down some goals a year ago, and I have accomplished almost all of them! I learned so much, and recently realized what direction I want my photography to go. 2015 will bring some changes and hopefully more exciting things!
Thanks so much to everyone who supports me and believes in me. Happy New Year!! My wish for you is to live fully; see all the places, meet all the people, try all the things, and do what you LOVE because that is where you find happiness 🙂

Christina Hardcastle^^And look at this sweet picture my husband took of me on Christmas day!! So proud 🙂


christina hardcastle photography


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year – Christina (and Chris – the other photographer). I have truly enjoyed looking at all of your photos. Great job!!
    Looking forward to another year of pictures. And may all your dreams come true.

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