Hemingway’s Cats

I love books. To the point where I don’t get anything done because I’m reading all the time. So when I visited Key West, I had to see Hemingway’s house. I think the character of the home is in the cats. They are everywhere, and some of them have six toes.












Bonus pic: Hemingway’s writing room.

7 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Cats

  1. We have a six-toed stray cat in our neighborhood (South FL). Our guess is that someone brought it up from Key West! Love the shot of the feet and the shot with the feet + whiskers. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yeah we nicknamed this one “Nosferatu” because he is all black, and only shows up at night. He’s a sweet cat though, so we leave food and water out for him. I had read that some of the Hemingway cats were very wild, so I like to think he enjoys it out there hunting lizards and laying in the trees!

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